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Type in the search window the word/term (or initial part of word) in English. The search covers a database of approximately 3500 terms. The results are listed alphabetically either alone (in case of perfect match) or in any combination of words or phonetically close words.

To the right of each term is listed the topical area of the term, which calls the explanatory article for this term. If one term is used in several areas (e.g. Absorption as in the areas of Diagnostic Radiology or Ultrasound), then the user has to select the appropriate hyperlinked button.

When TITLE search is selected the e-Encyclopaedia searches through the titles (names) of the articles. In most cases this quick search is sufficient.

When FULL TEXT search is selected the e-Encyclopaedia searches through the full text of all articles and displays any term where this word is used. This action uses an advanced search engine and obviously needs more time to complete the search.

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