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The objective of the pilot project European Medical Imaging Technology e-Encyclopaedia for Lifelong Learning (EMITEL) is to develop an original e-learning tool, which will be used for lifelong/continuing learning of a wide range of specialists in Medical Physics and Medical Imaging Technology. The tool will be linked to our existing EMERALD and EMIT materials (developed by the core of the present Consortium) and will additionally include Radiation Protection, Hospital Safety and Radiotherapy terms, thus forming a one-stop knowledge database for those who want to acquire a specific competence and for those who want to refresh their knowledge and to learn about the new developments in the profession. The tool will be linked to our multilingual Digital Dictionary, which will help its use in many EU and other countries. Currently the database of the e-Dictionary includes 25 languages.

Medical Physics is a very dynamic profession – the last 20 years have changed dramatically most of its areas, introducing new methods and equipment with speed, which requires constant update of one’s knowledge. EMITEL will be innovative e-Learning tool - a large searchable Web database, including multilingual Digital Dictionary of Terms with explanatory articles for each term. The total number of terms in English is expected to be approx. 3200. The Dictionary cross-translates to/from any two languages from its database. Each term will be covered by an explanatory article in English (or hyperlinked to an appropriate article). The length of the articles would depend on the term. Most articles will also include images, diagrams, and tables, as necessary. At a later stage this material is planned to be additionally printed as a paper book. The income from sales will be used for the future updates of the material. During May/June 2007 EMITEL was expanded to include 20 languages in the e-Dictionary and to develop a special Content Management System (CMS) to allow future update the content of the e-Encyclopaedia over Internet.

The Encyclopaedia will have a wide audience, primarily amongst medical physicists at all levels, from trainees to senior members of the profession, but it will also be used by members of related professions, such as clinical engineers, radiographers, doctors etc. Many users will not have English as their first language and will access the encyclopaedia through the multi-language dictionary of terms.

A Consortium has been established between the following institutions to run the project: King’s College London (Contractor and Coordinator) and King’s College Hospital (UK), University of Lund and Lund University Hospital (Sweden), University of Florence (Italy), AM Studio Ltd (Software company, Bulgaria) and the International Organization for Medical Physics (IOMP).

The core of this partnership has worked previously in two successful Leonardo training projects EMERALD and EMIT – their materials are now used in 65 countries (EMIT Consortium received the Leonardo da Vinci Award in Maastricht 2004). The EMITEL Consortium will continue its function after the end of the project to assure constant update of the e-Encyclopaedia tool. The project additionally attracted new contributors - senior professionals from all over the world. These formed an International Network EMITEL (currently 250+ specialists from 35 countries), which will continue to care for the EMITEL e-Encyclopaedia and Dictionary

The project was financially supported by the Partners above and the EU programme Leonardo da Vinci. Additionally, a number of distinguished colleagues generously agreed to support this important for our profession project by contributing to the translation of terms, development of articles, refereeing and dissemination of EMITEL.

List of the authors/members of EMITEL Consortium:

King's College London
Dept. Medical Engineering and Physics, Denmark Hill, SE5 9RS, London, UK
Members: Dr Slavik Tabakov, Dr Andy Simmons, Dr Victoria Aitken, Dr Stephen Keevil, Dr Charles Deehan:

International Organisation for Medical Physics (IOMP)
Fairmount House, 230 Tadcaster Rd., York YO24 1ES
Members: Dr Peter Smith, Prof. Fridtjof Nuesslin:

Universita degli studi di Firenze (University of Florence)
Dip. di Sanità Pubblica, v.Morgagni, I-50134 , Firenze, Italy
Members: Prof. Franco Milano:

Universitetssjukhuset I Lund (Lund University Hospital)
Dept. Radiation Physics, Lasarettet, S-22185, Lund, Sweden
Members: Dr Inger-Lena Lamm, Dr Thomas Jansson, Dr Monica Almquist:

Lunds Universitet (University of Lund)
Dept. Radiation Physics, Hamtstalle, S-22185, Lund, Sweden
Members: Prof. Sven-Erik Strand, Dr Bo-Anders Jonsson, Dr Michael Ljungberg, Prof. Freddy Stahlberg, Dr Ronnie Wirestam, Mr Emil Nordth, Mr Mikael Peterson:

King's Healthcare NHS Trust
Dept. Medical Engineering and Physics, Denmark Hill, SE5 9RS, London, UK
Members: Dr Cornelius Lewis, Dr Colin Deane, Dr David Goss, Mr Jim Thurston, Mrs Gillian Clarke, Ms Joan Coward, Dr Lorna Sweetman:

AM Studio Ltd.
57 Brezovska str. ap 4. 4003 Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Members: Dr Magdalena Stoeva, Ing. Asen Cvetkov:

The authors above, forming the project Consortium, develop EMITEL through eight Working Groups. All Contributors to the project will additionally take part in these Groups (see Contributors).


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