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Medical Physics is a very dynamic profession – the decades changed dramatically most of its areas, introducing new methods and equipment with speed, which requires constant update of one’s knowledge. The project to develop an Encyclopaedia of Medical Physics took over 10 years, it was initiated in 2000 with the development of a Thesaurus and Scientific Dictionary of Medical Physics Terms. This activity was made as an EU project proposal (EMIT). The EMIT project was a continuation of the EMERALD project (the first e-learning project in the profession) – another activity of the core partners of EMIT with support from the EU. While EMERALD developed e-materials to support the training of young medical physicists in 3 field (X-Ray Diagnostic Radiology, Nuclear Medicine and Radiotherapy), EMIT continued with such materials in the fields of Magnetic Resonance and Ultrasound imaging. Initially, the Thesaurus and Scientific Dictionary of Medical Physics Terms were made in English and were translated to the languages of the EMIT Project partners: English, French, German, Swedish and Italian. All these e-learning materials and the Dictionary were made for free use from the colleagues in the profession. During the developments of the above projects (EMERALD 1995-1998 and EMIT 2001-2003) many of their parts were tested at the ICTP College on Medical Physics. After the completion of project EMIT in 2003, it was nominated for the inaugural EU Award for education – The Leonardo da Vinci Award, which was presented to the project in 2004.

The students from the ICTP College on Medical Physics were constantly using the results of the above projects and the best of them were gradually included in an unfunded activity (a long lasting project) aiming to translate the English Thesaurus of Medical Physics Terms to many other languages. By 2019 the Scientific Dictionary was translated to 29 languages (11 alphabets): English, French, German, Italian, Swedish, Spanish, Portuguese, Bulgarian, Czech, Greek, Hungarian, Lithuanian, Polish, Estonian, Romanian, Turkish, Latvian, Russian, Thai, Arabic, Iranian, Bengal, Slovenian, Malay, Chinese, Croatian, Japanese, Finnish, Korean, Georgian (listed as per their inclusion).

In parallel with the above a new EU project proposal (EMITEL) was made in 2005, aiming to develop an Encyclopaedia of Medical Physics Terms, based on the existing Thesaurus of Terms. The project expanded beyond the EU through the already created network of specialists and included over 300 specialists from 36 countries – the largest project in the profession. A special website www.emitel2.eu was made by the project partner AM Studio (especially Prof. M Stoeva), who continues to support free the updates of the Encyclopaedia and Scientific Dictionary. EMITEL projects completed the Encyclopaedia in 2009. Since this time the free website has over 8,000 users per month, especially from Low-and-Middle-Income (LMI) countries. From 2010 another unfunded activity was initiated aiming to prepare the web e-Encyclopaedia into a paper book. The book was published by CRC Press in 2013. The unfunded activity continued with updates of the Dictionary and Encyclopaedia made by colleagues from various countries and coordinated by S Tabakov. In 2016 this activity entered another free phase – preparing an update and second paper print of the e-Encyclopaedia. This phase was initiated by a group of the active members of the initial stages of EMITEL, who gathered new team of contributors to revise the existing material and to add new medical physics terms and to create new encyclopaedic entries for these.
These projects and activities supported significantly the global development of the profession, especially in the LMI countries. The many phases during these 20 years of projects and activities (funded and unfunded) are described by their developer and coordinator in the book “The Pioneering of e-Learning in Medical Physics”, S.Tabakov, V Tabakova, 2015, which can be downloaded free from: http://www.emerald2.eu/mep_15.html

The book is s dedicated to all colleagues, sponsors and friends, who contributed to the pioneering work of these projects and supported their results.

The main contributors of the final phases of the EMITEL Encyclopaedia and Dictionary (by 2018) are listed in page Contributors.


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